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Alpha Software Drives Product Launch With OnBrand24 Outbound Sales

Alpha Software utilizes OnBrand24 cold calling B2B lead generation and appointment setting outsourced servicesSo many customers, so little time…

In the world of database apps, Alpha Software is legendary. Since its inception more than 25 years ago, the global leader in database application software has developed a highly loyal user community that numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

When Alpha released Version 10 of its Alpha Five flagship product, one of its biggest challenges was contacting its enormous installed base.

So Alpha gave OnBrand24 the critical assignment of telesales market outreach to existing Alpha Five customers. The partnership has been hugely successful, exceeding Alpha’s expectations and leading to additional telesales assignments for the call center service provider.

"OnBrand24 has been absolutely great," said Brett Johnston, Sales Manager at Alpha Software. "We’ve been very impressed with their ability to establish a highly capable team that quickly developed a strong technical grasp of our technology and the ability to communicate new product features in a compelling way. We quickly came to regard OnBrand24 as a satellite office for us, an extension of our sales and marketing team."

With four call center services agents assigned to the Alpha team, OnBrand24 has averaged 1,500 calls per week while selling large numbers of Version 10 along with significant sales of training DVDs, educational classes and professional services. Alpha reports an impressive 5-1 return on their telemarketing investment – for every dollar spent on the project, the company has realized $5 in revenues.

"This was a big challenge for us, but we have talented call center agents with the technical background and the smarts to quickly master Alpha’s needs," said Mark Fichera, CEO of OnBrand24. "We are proud to contribute to a highly successful product launch for Alpha Five."

In addition to boosting Alpha revenue, OnBrand24’s custom outreach program also supports Alpha’s customer relations strategy. As existing users of Alpha Five upgrade from versions 8 and 9 to Version 10, their loyalty to Alpha software is perpetuated.

Alpha has received positive feedback on OnBrand24 customer service. After a recent purchase, a customer emailed Alpha that the OnBrand24 call center agent he spoke with "was professional, knowledgeable, polite, engaging and very good at eliciting insights about the product that only come from many years of using it seriously. I can’t remember the last time I had such fun on the phone purchasing software. You would be well advised to count yourself lucky to have her representing the ‘public’ face of Alpha."

Based on the project’s initial success, Alpha has added to OnBrand24’s assignment, including sales of training products, mentoring and professional services, along with a five-day user group and training class.

"Many of our customers have been with us for a long time – the Alpha user community is very tight," said Johnston. "I was amazed at how quickly OnBrand24 became an integral part of our culture. With OnBrand24, we’re selling more copies of Version 10 and refreshing more customer relationships than we possibly could on our own."

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