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Increase Sales With An Outsourced Telemarketing Services Provider

Betsy Breitborde

Best-In-Class Outsourced Telemarketing Services

With the right vendor, telemarketing is a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy for acquiring and retaining customers. OnBrand24 provides a scalable outbound operation that consistently meets and exceeds key metrics while maintaining strict and comprehensive compliance adherence.

OnBrand24 utilizes the latest sales support technology along with highly trained agents specializing in telesales to achieve optimal quality control and robust results.

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Why Your Sales Reps Shouldn't Waste Their Time Setting Appointments

Betsy Breitborde



Is the fact that your reps are cold-calling and setting appointments causing a leaky sales pipeline?

If you’re a sales leader who’s been faced with a team full of empty pipelines, then chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of energy cajoling sales reps to pick up the phone and make cold calls to fill their funnels. It seems like a solution. After all, more calls, more leads, more opportunities, more sales, right?

What if I were to tell you that this is actually wasted effort?... that the empty pipeline isn't actual problem, but a symptom of something much bigger?... something that will continue to haunt you, as it has for the many years you've been in the business.

Here are five reasons why sales reps shouldn’t waste their time making cold calls and setting appointments.



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5 Secrets to Effective Appointment Setting

Mark Fichera

  1. Close on the Appointment, Not the Sale

If you’re on a sales prospecting call and things are going well, often times the temptation is to try for the sale right then and there.  Let’s face it; getting the sale on the first call isn’t very likely. It’s pure magic when it happens, but it doesn’t happen all that often. Instead, set an internal goal of appointment setting, not closing. It’s a much more attainable goal, and getting your prospects to sign on the line which is dotted has a higher likelihood of success in person.

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Features vs. Benefits

Mark Fichera



Then you need to know about features vs. benefits. 

"Why?" you ask.


“Huh?” you say.

Think of it this way. You might refer to a feature when describing why you made a purchase, but the feature isn’t the reason why you bought it, the benefit is. And the reason why is benefits are what's in it for you. Features are usually the clever invention that provides the benefit.

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OnBrand24 Named One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Betsy Breitborde
Sept. 10, 2014 –OnBrand24, provider of domestic outbound and inbound call center services, has been named for the second year in a row to the Inc. 5000, a listing of the country’s fastest growing private companies from Inc. Magazine with an overall ranking of 1,678 – up from 3,816 in 2013.
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Call Center vs Help Desk | Contact Center | Where Do You Stand?

Mark Fichera

Call Center vs Help Desk Contact Centers | Where Do You Stand?

August 29, 2014 - Are we a call center or a contact center? This has been the topic of long and loud debate around our company. Which one are we?

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Topics: Customer Service, B2B Lead Generation, Call Center Solutions, Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting – A How To Guide

Mark Fichera

Aug. 15, 2014 - When it comes to setting up good quality sales appointments, there’s a right way and a wrong way for B2B lead generation specialists at call centers to do it. Here are some pointers:

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How to Incent Call Center Agents to Achieve Excellence

Mark Fichera

July 25, 2014 – The work of a customer service representative or cold calling B2B lead generation specialist at an outsourced call center is not easy. It is challenging to maintain the quality standards established by clients, productivity requirements are high and there are many processes and procedures that agents need to be able to perform.

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Call Center Outsourcing Vendors |Call Center Outsourcing Vendors | Call Center RFP | How To Write One

Mark Fichera
July 2, 2014

Call Center Outsourcing Vendors RFP Guide

Few of us in the call center services industry – whether on the corporate side or on outsourced provider side – enjoy RFPs. They are difficult and time-consuming to write, respond to and review.

But they remain a call center services mainstay because they perform at least two critical functions: they help companies come to consensus on their call center priorities; and, of course, they enable the company to select qualified call center outsourcers for more in-depth examination and final selection. They also help call center vendors understand if they should, or should not, compete for the potential client’s business.

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How To Do B2B Lead Generation Cold Calling Without Seeming To

Mark Fichera
June 27, 2014 - There’s a sales axiom that we’ve always liked: People don’t like to be sold, they like to buy. This holds true for B2B lead generation and call center cold calling, too.  Usually, the less aggressive, more consultative approach works.
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