We Push the Average Order Size Up

By using effective upsell and cross sell techniques, orders increase nearly 20%

OnBrand24 management has created a training and development program unique to the industry: we have created an employee life cycle designed to build the tools and confidence our people need to be successful on every interaction with a caller. Cutting-edge learning tools support every step of our process including a customized knowledgebase for each client, access to a dozen virtual learning options such as webinars, simulated learning environments, and gamification to make the learning process fun and effective.

OnBrand24 invests in best-in-class facilities, sales training tools, and a tech-enabled, empowered, and engaged workforce with the social, emotional, and problem-solving skills to connect with your customers any time and on any channel.  

OnBrand24 customer service agents are trained to provide both new customer acquisition and current customer upselling in all markets they serve with innovative dialing and personalized calling plans to maximize productivity.  Along with our partners' expertise, our agents practice motivating customers to purchase higher-end products, upgrade or purchase a higher-end product to add profit to the original sale.

When it comes to “active listening” techniques, understanding customers’ true buying motives, handling upset customers and developing awareness for opportunities that expand your average sales order size, OnBrand24 is always extending our skills. Our call center agents are trained to handle each call as a valuable sales opportunity and are fully equipped with scripted sales techniques to increase average sales per order.

OnBrand24 is committed to continual performance improvement and skill development. All of our representatives and management staff receive advanced customer service and sales training coursework, specializing in sales, customer service and management.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Increase Orders
  • Boost your Sales
  • Build Lasting Relationships

OnBrand24 Inbound Customer Service Cross Selling and Upselling

We invest in people

OnBrand24 invests in all of our employees to become customer experience experts. OnBrand24 is recognized as a world leader in sales training, and they have custom designed a customer service upselling and cross-selling manual for our employees.  This custom designed course is applied for all of our incoming staff, to ensure they understand the basics of psychological buying, and help convert interested parties into paying customers.  This has helped countless OnBrand24 partner-companies push the needle on the average order size.  For companies that ask us to track our results, we showed a nearly 20% increase in average order size.

Using training from our partners along with intelligent algorithmic websites giving representatives offerings to go along with base purchases, OnBrand24 representatives have increased order sizes for many companies.  OnBrand24 utilizes a proven sales methodology that customers love to buy, but hate to be sold.  This has been the basic beginning to a conversation in which our Advanced Agent Model representatives probe the customer for their interests, and match it best with a package of offerings, rather than a single-item purchase.  OnBrand24 hones its' upsell and cross sell techniques by leveraging our transferable agent skill set with our employee training.

Invested in Training

Massachusetts Grants OnBrand24 almost $200,000 for training

Through a workforce grant, OnBrand24 received a work grant from the State of Massachusetts to increase the specialization of our workforce.  OnBrand24 created a training module that is over 50 hours long and covers significant steps to the buying personas, the psychology of a sale and a customer, and the psychological make up of the representative themselves.  This training has created true "life skills" for the employees of OnBrand24 and has paid dividends in the quality of each call along with the increase value of sales by the representatives.  When companies partner with OnBrand24, they do not pay additionally for upselling and cross-selling, we include is as a good partner should.  OnBrand24 seeks true business partnerships; not the traditional vendor-company relationship. 

OnBrand24 has worked with a nutraceutical company for over 5 years, and has created a program in which we use our upsell and cross sell techniques to raise the average order size and build our business partnership through this process.  


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