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Market Research &

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Research is essential to your brand's long-term success

Market research and customer surveys deliver great insight into your markets and buyers, helping you develop more effective marketing and product development strategies. But there's one problem:

Your sales team doesn't have the time to do customer research.

OnBrand24 outbound call center has the solution.

Our customer and market research programs will deliver a dedicated team of specialists to contact accounts throughout your markets. Our team can quickly canvas hundreds of accounts, generating data invaluable to any market-driven company. In the process, we also identify decisions makers and uncover companies ready to buy your products. The result: better understanding of your market combined with effective B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

And we do it at a surprisingly low per-opportunity rate.

OnBrand24 recently ran a highly successful market research project for a client in the life sciences industry, which hired us to contact thousands of companies.

In a matter of a few weeks our dedicated team of outbound call center agents worked through a list of more than 5,000 accounts and generated more than 1,500 completed surveys and nearly 300 immediate new sales leads.

In today's difficult business climate, you need to use your sales force as intelligently as possible. Shouldn't you look at the competitive advantage OnBrand24 market research and customer survey programs can deliver for you?

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