Low Call Center Attrition Rate

Consistency is key

Traditionally, call centers have high rates of attrition and turnover.  Not only is this a significant cost financially, but also dilutes the customer experience when representatives are continuously new and inexperienced.  It is estimated that the average cost of losing an employee, hiring and training and new employee is almost $3,000.  

Industry leader in low call center turnover rate

By hiring with a profile in place for higher education, maturity, and call center experience, OnBrand24 hires representatives that are more advanced from the moment they join our call center team.  Offering a career path, incentives to earn commission, and paying better than our counterparts, we boast not only an industry-low turnover rate, we also provide consistent customer experiences for our clients' customers. 

Stability in Call Center Staffing at OnBrand24 

  • Crucial for the development of representatives’ expertise in processing phone, email and live chat contacts with customers. Specifically, the longer agents work on a given program the better they become.
  • Critically important for enabling high-skill employees, who have been with the call center for an extended time, the ability to transfer and share those skills with other client programs and also with their colleagues, which is advantageous to everyone.
  • A path for call center agents to become supervisors and managers; agents who stay with the call center are promoted, enabling clients and colleagues to benefit from their experience.
  • A strong indicator of a happy, positive company, a barometer of the call center’s environment and attractiveness as a workplace.
  • The key to maintaining “institutional memory” – the knowledge of best practices, of mistakes to avoid, of vendors to trust, and also the staffing combinations that are most effective.

In short, think of stable call center staffing as an investment that pays increasing dividends.

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