Dedicated Inbound Call Center Agents

OnBrand24 knows that live, dedicated, customer service agents can be the most effective and successful solution to maintaining and growing your customers. OnBrand24 provides greater responsiveness and more service coverage, while utilizing the latest technology to engage with your customers. 

The right call center agent will leave a lasting impression on your customer and OnBrand24 is a leader in developing customer relationships and positive customer experiences. 

Our agents use a variety of soft skills and industry knowledge to offer expert customer service. 

Dedicated service models offer extensive and flexible call center solutions to clients with higher call volumes or clients that require specialized product and service knowledge. We'll build a team of dedicated call center representatives, specifically trained in your company’s culture, products and service expectations to effectively represent your company values and brand personality.

Our goal is to create a dedicated team of brand advocates who provide exceptional customer care, build brand loyalty and create an outstanding customer experience overall. Our comprehensive training regimen transforms our customer service representatives into "brand ambassadors," acting as a direct extension of your operations, marketing and sales teams – as if they were your own staff. Since our dedicated teams focus strictly on your business, brand personality, products & services they quickly become a direct extension of your own customer service team. 

As with all of our inbound service solutions, our customizable programs can be tailored to your specific call center outsourcing needs. Scalable staffing options ensure ideal resource allocation through any fluctuation in your service requirements. Whether it’s a spike in activity due to the holiday season, a marketing promotion, or product launch, we have the immediate resources to increase bandwidth to your program. When volume declines, we can decrease staffing resources without layoffs and damaged morale.

Likewise, our agile call center infrastructure has the capacity to handle increased call volume during your peak business periods – and you pay no penalty for unused resources when your call volume slows down.

With over 30+ years of outsourced customer service and inbound call center service expertise, we blend reliable platform services with industry leading hardware and software applications to deliver best-in-class customer experience solutions at any scale.

Meet Our Call Center Agents

Since 1981, OnBrand24 dedicated inbound call center service have been used by companies across a range of B2B and B2C industries, including e-commerce and retail, consumer goods, healthcare, hospitals, food and beverage, technology, business services (continuity, membership, loyalty rewards) and manufacturing. Check out our inbound call center case histories and Sappi Fine Paper.

Contact us today to discuss the contact center outsourcing solutions OnBrand24 can provide for your company.  A dedicated inbound customer service program from OnBrand24 could solve some of your biggest challenges.

OnBrand24 Live Agent Solutions and Call Center Services

Shared Inbound Call Center

Shared-Agent Service Solutions

On an as-needed platform, OnBrand24’s Shared Agent solution can drive an optimal return on your investment particularly during seasonal spikes in your call volume.

At OnBrand24, we customize all our programs, and pride ourselves on our scalability and will meet your unique needs and requests. To ensure that we provide the best call center service efficiency to you, we will custom-build your program and assign agents as needed. Whether it is to cover overflow, after-hours, or during peak season business periods, we can make our shared agent model work for you.

Our shared inbound call center service model offers optimal ROI for companies with moderate call volume because you only pay for the actual time we are communicating with your customers – processing orders, answering product questions, checking order status, live chat support or emailing.

We provide this "time-on-task" methodology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Utilizing Five9 Multichannel Contact Center software, our agents are able to move seamlessly between live chat, email, social media, and voice calls enabling them to respond more efficiently and provide each customer with a better experience across all channels.

We can provide shared agent outsourcing solutions during your normal business day, or we can extend coverage after-hours, either in the evening, overnight or over the weekend, when your in-house call center is closed. We can also handle overflow calls when your call volume spikes -- at any time of the day, evening, weekends or during peak seasonal business periods.

We have extensive experience delivering a shared team of customer service representatives for companies across a range of B2B and B2C industries, including e-commerce / e-retail and consumer goods, food and beverage, healthcare, technology and manufacturing.


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