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When you partner with OnBrand24’s outbound call center representatives, your company will be securely handled by experienced agents who are polished, professional, and who don’t mind rejection because that’s all you get in the outbound arena!

OnBrand24’s outbound specialists have worked across hundreds of different outbound projects in our 36 years of experience. 

Our outbound agent profile is more mature and experienced than the typical call center agent: average age is 37, college educated, with 3-5 years of sales and/or call center experience, and our management invests in an additional 50-hours of rigorous sales training modeled after our partnership with Sandler Sales. 

OnBrand24 outbound representatives have the knowledge and expertise to build rapport with your customers by establishing credibility.
Whether it’s B2B or B2C, our outbound representatives have the skills to build a successful outbound program for you by:

  • Productivity: making 15-22 calls/dials per day/per agent
  • Identifying Pain Points
  • Building Rapport: Engaging your clients in :30 second
  • Understanding the market
  • Creating the compelling nature of your product

We help you find, acquire, and engage customers across all channels. Our outbound call center service provides your company the contact center associates, training, facilities, technologies, and operational
expertise to create exceptional customer experiences across all touch-points.

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