Level 1 Help Desk

OnBrand24 inbound customer service agents are the Go-To team for Tier 1 and Tier 2 level support. They are trained to  assist with the day-to-day tasks of system users: monitoring and quickly responding to incoming queries and requests, IT issues, troubleshooting, upgrades, onboarding new users, tracking, ticketing, inventory, and any other unexpected issues. 

Our live agents respond to each call by opening a trouble ticket and properly escalating calls to the appropriate staff member or department per your specific instructions. Agents can work from detailed scripts or use their extensive customer service techniques inline with more flexible scripting.

Our partners expect best-in-class help desk support from agents who are trained to empathize with customers, who are sensitive to their requests, who are advanced in listening skills, and who will provide a calmer head as they communicate, de-escalate complaints, and prioritize tasks. OnBrand24 live agents use their extensive customer service training techniques to find solutions quickly and efficiently.

Issue Tracking Systems

Our agents are trained in ticketing systems such as SalesforceKayakoIssueTrak and more. Live agents can log each contact into your own ticketing system or ours. Our excellent team of IT experts can create a customized ticketing system specific to your needs as well if you're not using an existing system or if you've been looking to change systems.

Help Desk Services With OnBrand24

Key Benefits Include:

Detailed Reporting

In addition to one of our advanced ticketing systems logging each and every contact with your customers, our advanced call center technology offers detailed call reporting as well. Using Five9 Connect provides our clients with real-time data access on call volumes, abandonment rates, average talk times, agent efficiency rates, service levels and more. Utilizing these tools allows us to maximize efficiency, adjust programs in real-time, allocate future staffing resources and realize optimized value.


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