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Today’s automotive landscape brings new challenges to the automotive industry. At OnBrand24, we have 30+ years of experience helping automotive brands, dealers and new startups deliver exceptional customer experience, customer support, conversational messaging, and omnichannel technology to your customers. OnBrand24’s tenured call center agents will help manage your entire customer lifecycle by leveraging your data to drive a more profitable outcome. We strive to deliver an extraordinary customer experience every single day. Our core strengths focus on personalized customer support and a smooth transition into Automation & AI building a customized cutting-edge solution with multichannel engagement strategies that will increase your profitability while decreasing your costs. We can connect your online customers to dealers and OEMs and our skilled, mature, and experienced outbound agents will engage new prospects with targeted outbound campaigns featuring your current new buying and leasing offers.

OnBrand24’s knowledge management team is a cut above the usual call center offerings. We have some of the most seasoned senior staff in the industry who will work with you to train our agents to help create and design a personalized knowledgebase to your customer’s satisfaction.


Optimize CX with Automotive Automation

OnBrand24’s conversational messaging drives your service costs down by allowing your customer to choose their own self-service. Automation & AI augments the contact center and customer service experience (CX) . By choosing automotive call center outsourcing for your company you are enabling 24/7 availability across all channels, which will provide a consistent, and compliant response to all of your customer queries! How satisfied would your customers be if you could improve first call resolution and average handle time by diverting Tier 0 and Tier 1 interactions? This frees up individual human interaction for your more complex interactions! Our automation, AI, and RPA solutions make that all possible!

Appointment Scheduling Services

Let OnBrand24’s appointment setting professionals make qualified service appointments for your customers booking appointments directly onto your calendar and integrating them with your CRM. Need lead qualification? Up-selling or cross-selling? Our outbound agents can make the calls for you, engaging your customers in a friendly, professional and timely manner.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

When was the last time you evaluated your customer service? Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is the most common measurement for customer satisfaction and our agents are regularly tested for Response Time, Language, Empathy, Clarity, Simplicity, Creating Solutions, and Quality. We hire and train the best of the best! Ask to see a sample of our CSAT scores.


Recall Notifications

OnBrand24 understands that safety is priority in the automotive industry, and our agents have extensive experience handling the most sensitive recall and at-risk events. Product recalls are time-critical and your brand reputation is your most valuable asset. OnBrand24 agents will act as your brand ambassadors! You can trust OnBrand24’s dedicated agents to contact your customers 24/7 to ensure that your product recall facts are communicated clearly and directly. We will field your calls and inquiries and communicate answers with a personal connection, using your customers preferred channels. When your customer service is handled by our experts, your consumers will stay loyal!


Collections & Accounts Receivable Management Services

OnBrand24 agents can help businesses recover the money they are owed. Our agents are trained to be professional and ethical. A well-trained agent provides consistency and stability to your company and this means higher recoveries on your collections accounts. OnBrand24 understands that recovery efforts are a reflection of your business and we reach beyond minimal regulatory compliance requirements with our continued commitment to operating with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.


Lead Follow-Ups

OnBrand24 trained, professional outbound specialists will reach out to your prospects and book meetings for your sales team! OnBrand24 agents are experts at lead follow-ups and we guarantee a productivity rate of 17-22 calls per hour/per rep, nurturing your leads with useful content while creating a follow-up schedule in the various communication channels of your choosing! OnBrand24 outbound lead generators won’t let a lead slip away!


Warranty Service

Your warranty service is your fulfillment of the promise of the manufacturer or service provider. OnBrand24 brand ambassador agents will stand behind your product and reach out to your customers whose warranties may be expiring. Our customer support experts are skilled in selling extended warranties and added coverage to bolster your sales!


Loan And Lease Ends

OnBrand24 automotive call center experts will proactively reach out to your customers when their loan or lease is about to expire. Contacting your customers with your dealership’s newest sale or lease opportunity will build loyalty and bolster your sales!



Additional areas of Specialization in the Automotive Industry :

  • Vehicle Purchase
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Concierge Services
  • Fleet Management
  • Ride-Sharing Services
  • Auto-maintenance Scheduling


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