Call Center Outsourcing Services for Retail Energy & Utility Businesses

OnBrand24 can provide 24-hour live customer support for your energy or utility company. We can handle your overflow volume and manage customer communication 24/7. Our energy call center specialists are trained to handle your Dispatching, Appointment Scheduling , FAQ, and emergency calls.

One of OnBrand24’s specializations as an Energy & Utility BPO, is offering omnichannel support solutions that boost customer engagement as well as brand recognition. Our retail energy specialists will support your utility business, informing and managing customers in an area affected by loss of service, and handling customer complaints with effective communication. If you are looking to offer innovative CX to turn your customers into brand loyalists while reducing your operational costs, our expert services are your one-stop solution.


Billing And Collection

We handle the complete consumer billing and collection process for our energy and utility service providers. Our agents follow data safety regulations and compliance, do-not-call-list protection, and fair debt collection guidelines every time.

Lead Generation

Your current and prospective customers will need seasonal tune-ups, and will be interested in new products, updated industry information,  and program launches.  Our industry-specific call center agents are trained to motivate your customers for upselling,  thereby boosting your sales as they promote brand awareness.

Customer Engagement & Retention

We deliver tailored customer engagement by gaining insight on customer preference using our digital transformation and customer analytics tools. Our data-driven customer engagement strategy helps boost customer retention and bring down churn rates.


Crisis Management

With 24/7/365 availability,  our call center team is always there for your customers in times of crisis. OnBrand24’s on-call coverage would avoid major spikes in your call volume. We don’t want to see your customers on hold during emergencies like power outages, gas leaks, etc.!  Every minute counts! OnBrand24’s  energy specialists are at- the- ready to resolve customer concerns and issues.

Loyalty Program Support

OnBrand24 agents are personable, empathetic, and always professional.  Our advanced agent model   means that we hire and train mature, experienced, support staff who can create a customized connection with your customers. We understand that customer loyalty drives more customers and grows your business. OnBrand24 agents connect in a deeper way, continually improving your program while supporting customer loyalty and customer engagement,  via personalized phone or digital interaction.

Third-Party Verification

OnBrand24 offer third-party verification services (TPV)  to ensure that customer information is accurate and up-to-date. Identity theft is costly to companies and to the customer. Your customers depend on you to protect their security and safeguard their personal information.  OnBrand24 has PCI compliance and Soc II certification. Your customers’ data will be safe as we’re protected by the highest level of technology in the industry and we continuously upgrade our equipment guaranteeing the highest level of services. 


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