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With rising labor costs, employee attrition, wage increases, stressed order-taking environments, and the soaring cost of food and supplies, restaurants are always searching to streamline their customer experience, build customer retention and loyalty, while increasing their profits. 

OnBrand24 understands that today’s restaurant patrons want convenience and accuracy with their orders. With 20+ years of experience in take-out, delivery, and catering services support, OnBrand24’s qualified restaurant ordering specialists can treat each of your guests like a VIP during the menu and ordering process, as well as handle complaints and resolve issues.  We’ll do all of this for you on our omnichannel platforms.  To increase efficiency and cut down on errors and losses, we can combine the live-agent experience with advanced AI, built specifically for the restaurant business. 

Our online food delivery call center agents will be trained on your brand, menu, and products,  and will take over when your customer wishes to leave AI/Chat Bot and move to a human. 

In addition to your inbound calls, OnBrand24 can also build a dedicated team of call center agents  for outbound calling to generate new restaurant patrons and increase your business by marketing your menu to area businesses for corporate food delivery services. In this way, you’ll acquire new customers and upsell your menu choices. 


How It Works

Your customer places an order by calling into our live agents or online food ordering services which integrate with our technology to record their POS Point of Sale, at which point the order is ready and waiting for the customer, or delivery is chosen and dispatched. The orders are streamlined, seamless, and our system records all data to enhance future orders, capture customer behavior, as well historical information for your analytics to detect trends, etc.


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