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Live Chat Support

As part of a dedicated program, live-chat can be an integral channel to communicating with your customers.  OnBrand24's brand specialists use our advanced training and technology to interact with customers quickly and effectively.  

Advanced Agent Profile

As part of the hiring process for OnBrand24, we recruit from talent-rich areas in New England and Coastal Georgia.  This allows us to bring in talent that is educated, mature, and looking for career paths.  This unique blend of attributes provides the ideal representative to speak-or chat- with your customers in the method you would want. 

Call Center Technology

The number one indicator of a great customer interaction is consistency. Leveraging our advanced agents with cutting-edge technology, we are able to integrate most chat platforms on the market today with our contact center software suite.  This allows the brand specialist representatives to interact with your customers live in the same environment they are using every day. This leads to more consistent interactions, which leads to happier customers. 


As a partner you should expect full transparency in your chosen outsourced partner.  As part of working with OnBrand24, you are provided access to 100% of your calls, emails, and your chat transcripts. OnBrand24 looks at this as a net gain, giving us immediate feedback to how we can serve your customers even better.

Reaching today's customers means reaching out to them, in some cases, first.  OnBrand24 utilizes a proactive chat feature that can be enabled on a program-by-program basis.  Using unique triggers, your OnBrand24 brand specialists can help answer questions and close sales on your behalf. 

A sample of proactive chat "triggers":

  • A filled "shopping cart" with no activity or time on checkout page
  • Time on the website or product pages
  • Multiple visits to your website or product page
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Be Proactive!

The millennial shoppers of today increasingly expect more and greater customer service for their interactions.  Extensive research has shown that the millennial generation on average spends more time on the web and has greater e-commerce activity outside of normal operating hours.  Partnering with OnBrand24 can help your company reach those important customers and the revenue associated with what might have been missed sales.  

Live chat can be utilized in several ways. Many of our partners utilize the chat functionality we provide with their service, as it is robust and gives the representatives significant latitude when working with customers; and working with several at once, keeping costs down.  Our IT specialists can create a custom-design chat module for your company to match your existing chat module or company branding, so the change is seamless. 

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