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List & Database Scrubbing

Update your customer contact information, and identify new buyers

Customer lists are always changing. They quickly become outdated and full of bad data. No one questions the value of scrubbing your customer database. But putting resources to the task rarely rises to the top of anyone's to-do list.

OnBrand24 outbound services can fix this problem. We'll dedicate a team of outbound agents to call thousands of accounts, identify decision makers at companies that need your products and update contact information. In the meantime, we'll conduct lead generation and appointment setting whenever and wherever we can.

And because we're an optimized call center, we'll do it at maximized efficiency.

Results Oriented

OnBrand24 recently completed a major campaign for a life sciences company – with the ultimate objective of lead generation and appointment setting.

Within a matter of weeks, the OnBrand24 team cleaned up thousands of customer records at hundreds of customer sites. In the process, we identified more than 250 B2B lead generation and appointment setting opportunities.

There are a lot of outbound call centers. But in today's challenging business climate, you need an experienced contact center that can maximize the effectiveness of your sales force. Give them the tools to boost sales revenue, and let them finish the job of closing leads. Give them the advantage of OnBrand24's outbound call center services.

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