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Betsy Breitborde

Betsy Breitborde

Betsy Breitborde, Director, Business Development OnBrand24 - An MCI Company Reach me by phone: 781-789-9665

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What Does it Mean To Be On-Brand?

Betsy Breitborde

What is Branding, Why Is it Important? 

Branding is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. One of the most important reasons to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy for your brand is to gain recognition and build brand loyalty. This has always included most importantly the company's logo, typography, slogans and color schemes. In more recent years branding has become about much more than just logos and color schemes. Nowadays a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company. That of course includes the customer service experience, especially in today's fast-paced technological world. The ever growing use of social media can make or break the company's brand loyalty.

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Topics: Call Center Outsourcing, Brand Loyalty

Increase Sales With An Outsourced Telemarketing Services Provider

Betsy Breitborde

Best-In-Class Outsourced Telemarketing Services

With the right vendor, telemarketing is a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy for acquiring and retaining customers. OnBrand24 provides a scalable outbound operation that consistently meets and exceeds key metrics while maintaining strict and comprehensive compliance adherence.

OnBrand24 utilizes the latest sales support technology along with highly trained agents specializing in telesales to achieve optimal quality control and robust results.

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Topics: B2B Lead Generation, Telemarketing Services, Outbound Call Center Solutions, Benefits of outsourcing to a call center

Don't Lose That Sale! Online Order Processing is No Longer Optional…

Betsy Breitborde

24/7 Customer Service...

It is vital to any business having live agents ready to assist customers at any given moment of the day or week. Revenue is lost when sales are not generated after hours due to a lack of live representation when needed. Just because businesses follow a 9-to-5 workday, does not mean customers only make orders from 9-to-5. The importance of having 24/7 agents at the ready with customer orders or inquiries makes the online order process smoother, therefore raising customer satisfaction significantly. Imagine walking into your favorite 24-hour super store- how happy are you when there is almost no one on staff to answer your questions, and only 2 registers open?

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OnBrand24 Call Center Partners with Local Fulfillment Center

Betsy Breitborde

OnBrand24 and Barrett Distribution Centers Initiate Strategic Partnership To Support Growing Demand for Integrated e-Commerce Fulfillment & Customer Support Services

Beverly, MA and Franklin, MA - OnBrand24 Inc. and Barrett Distribution Centers Inc., announced a strategic partnership to provide call center and product fulfillment solutions seamlessly for mutual consumer packaged goods customers.

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5 Vital Characteristics of Successful Customer Service Agents

Betsy Breitborde
Let’s face it - when outsourcing customer service, you are entrusting a partner to treat your most precious asset-your customers- with the utmost respect, care and professionalism.  Creating an environment in a third party call center starts with having the right culture, DNA, and values to achieve this goal in hiring, training, and deploying resources to their partners.  According to OnBrand24’s COO Michael Moody, there are a handful of vital characteristics each team member must possess.
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OnBrand24 hosts SOCAP New England Chapter Meeting

Betsy Breitborde


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OnBrand24 Savannah adding jobs, celebrating growth and expansion

Betsy Breitborde


     OnBrand24 opened the Savannah, GA call center a little over 2 years ago, with only 8 representatives.  On Tuesday, OnBrand24 announced the remodel of a new space in the Chatham Center Drive area to house nearly 200 representatives.  Due to the explosive growth in the company over the last 2 years, OnBrand24 is expanding rapidly to fufill the needs of our customers, enabling us to scale up for seasonality and for organic program growth. 

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Topics: Call Center Solutions, Call Center Outsourcing

How to Increase Sales by Being Open Longer

Betsy Breitborde

Want to know how to Increase Sales by Being Open 24/7?

While it’s true that competition for consumer awareness, sales and loyalty is greater than ever before, there are still a myriad strategies a company can employ in order to stand out from their competitors.

And set themselves apart a business MUST - by meeting a prospect’s needs in ways that other companies cannot or will not, or by being more exceptional at consumer accommodation than every other.

Here are just a few of the means by which an individual company may accomplish this goal:

  • Competitive pricing - check...
  • Convenience - check...
  • Expediency - check...
  • Flexibility - um...
  • Superior knowledge & expertise - check...
  • Customizable service options - check...
  • Cutting-edge technology - well...
  • Exceptional courtesy & professionalism - check... I think
  • High quality products/services - check... definitely

But even with all of these best qualities at optimal levels, there’s still one critical component that, when neglected, will ultimately diminish ability to increase sales in such a competitive climate: availability. When all other factors are taken into consideration, if a company is not readily on-hand to be of service, none of the above qualities will make a difference.

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Topics: Inbound Call Center Services, Call Centers

5 Customer Service Tips for Engaging with Millennials

Betsy Breitborde

Looking for customer service tips that resonate with TODAY's buyers?

According to the “Cone Communications Impact Study” of 2014, millennial’s are spending more than $1 Trillion dollars on consumer goods.  With this number set for growth every year for the foreseeable future, it is imperative for your business to understand how this rapidly growing population segment will need to be serviced as customers. 

Millennials were born between 1982 and 2003, and are generally accepted as the most tech-savvy generation. Many still live at home and have a decent amount of disposable income. They have had instant access to information at their fingertips for the majority of their lives, and their patience with traditional customer service channels is very thin.

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Topics: Customer Service, Customer Experience, Millennials

Staff Will Make or Break Your Telemarketing Call Center Services

Betsy Breitborde

It's the staff that will make or break your provided telemarketing call center services.

Although the world has grown more automated than ever before, and exponentially more reliant upon instruments of modern technology, there’s a timeless adage that still holds true: a company is only as good as its people.

Outbound call center staffing is not only no exception, it’s the rule in particular; no matter how much we love gadgets and innovation, people still want – and need – to interact with other human beings. So, when it comes to telemarketing services, there is simply no substitute for the real thing.

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Topics: Telemarketing Services, Call Centers, Outbound Call Center Solutions