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OnBrand24 hosts SOCAP New England Chapter Meeting

Betsy Breitborde


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How to Increase Sales by Being Open Longer

Betsy Breitborde

Want to know how to Increase Sales by Being Open 24/7?

While it’s true that competition for consumer awareness, sales and loyalty is greater than ever before, there are still a myriad strategies a company can employ in order to stand out from their competitors.

And set themselves apart a business MUST - by meeting a prospect’s needs in ways that other companies cannot or will not, or by being more exceptional at consumer accommodation than every other.

Here are just a few of the means by which an individual company may accomplish this goal:

  • Competitive pricing - check...
  • Convenience - check...
  • Expediency - check...
  • Flexibility - um...
  • Superior knowledge & expertise - check...
  • Customizable service options - check...
  • Cutting-edge technology - well...
  • Exceptional courtesy & professionalism - check... I think
  • High quality products/services - check... definitely

But even with all of these best qualities at optimal levels, there’s still one critical component that, when neglected, will ultimately diminish ability to increase sales in such a competitive climate: availability. When all other factors are taken into consideration, if a company is not readily on-hand to be of service, none of the above qualities will make a difference.

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What Can Inbound Call Center Services Do for Me?

Betsy Breitborde

Call center services come in many forms, but they are primarily outbound and inbound.

They are as different as night and day, supporting completely separate functions, managed by different call center agents with contrasting skills and personalities. In most ways, other than interaction with customers on the telephone (or email and live chat), inbound and outbound call centers exist in completely separate worlds.

The question here is about understanding when it's time to bring in a 3rd part inbound call center to support the business, and that starts with knowing what they're actually capable of.

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Training Boot Camp For Call Center Customer Service Agents

Mark Fichera

OnBrand24 Boot Camp Training for New Hires

Hiring new call center customer service agents is an involved process in which job candidates are assessed for offering the right experience, educational and skills qualifications to deliver the customer experience that OnBrand24 inbound services clients expect.

Once the hiring process is completed, the next step is our extensive customer service call center orientation and training process. In fact, new hires don’t actually begin handling inbound phone calls, emails and chats for our clients for several days.

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